Auditions! Auditions! Auditions!

By Karen Hughes Beacom

Who: Soo Theatre Project

What: Auditions

Where: 534 Ashmun Street, Soo, MI

When: Saturday, April 5, 1-5p.m. and Saturday, April 12, 1-5p.m.

Why: Because….

You want to sing. You want to act. You want to make new friends.  You want to see old friends.  You want to sew or work backstage.  Whatever the reason, we’ve got a place for you.

On consecutive Saturdays, April 5th and 12th, from 1-5, The Soo Theatre will be hearing auditions for three different shows in its summer line-up: “Dial “M” for Murder,” “Little Shop of Horrors,” and “Carmen.”  Aspiring actors and singers can audition for one or all three shows in one fell swoop at these repertory auditions.  Directors will hear you in the order that you arrive.  You need only attend one audition unless an actual callback is requested.

Those interested in behind-the-scenes work are also invited to come and find out where they can best be a part of the action downtown this season.


“Dial “M” for Murder”  – June 12, 13, 14, & 15

 Casting five male roles and one female role.

This show is a play with no musical numbers.  Actors can prepare a one-minute monologue or do a cold reading from the play upon arrival.  Prepared material is not required.   Average acting age range is from 30 on up.

Directed by Jim Taylor, Alfred Hitchcock’s story takes place in the living room of a London flat.  Tony, an ex tennis pro plots to murder his wife Margot for her money.  His plan goes awry when Margot kills her would-be assailant in self-defense.  Now Tony must shift his plans and schemes to frame his Margot for premeditated murder. A thrilling, suspenseful piece that will keep you guessing until the last moment!


“Little Shop of Horrors” – July 10, 11, 12, & 13

Casting 4 female roles, 7 males roles, 1 plant operator, a girl’s chorus (teen-adult), small adult chorus for finale and extras.  In addition, there will be a small group of kids ages 8 and up cast in the finale of the show and may be used as extras as well.

Singers should prepare one verse of a song from musical theatre.  Leads must demonstrate strong singing voices and the girls Chiffon, Crystal, and Ronnette must be able to carry strong harmonies.

Directed by Karen Hughes Beacom, “Little Shop” tells the story of a down-trodden flower shop on ‘Skid Row’ that comes into success with the discovery of a new and exotic plant, fondly called Audrey Two.  With lyrics by Howard Ashman and music by Alan Menken, the great team that brought you “The Little Mermaid”, the music is catchy, the story is fun and entertaining and the plot takes you on a journey that you won’t believe until you see it.

Technical crew is also encouraged to come out for casting.  The puppets in this show are part of the staged action as well as the offstage voice of the plant.


Bizet’s “Carmen”  – August 6, 8, & 10

 Casting men’s chorus of solidiers, adult SATB chorus, children’s chorus ages 9 and up and secondary roles.  Also seeking extras (no singing or dialogue.)  A few principal roles are still available.

If you have always wanted to sing in an opera chorus, this is your chance to sing on stage in a real ‘tour de force.’  With music by French composer Bizet, the famous melodies in this production like “Habañera,” and “Torreador Song,” are like no other.  Bizet portrays the epic story of the gypsy girl, Carmen, and her journey through life in Sevilla, España through some of the most beautiful and well-known music in the opera repertoire.

Please see for a complete list of character descriptions.   Skype or video auditions can be arranged for college students and/or summer residents.  Call 906-632-1930906-632-1930 to set this up.