Soo Theatre Presents “ANNIE Junior”

AnnieJrThe Soo Theatre is shaping up for a ‘Spring Opening’ as orphans, servants and billionaires alike have arrived at the downtown theatre. Following an astounding response to the late January casting call for the classic Broadway musical “Annie,” the show has been cast!

“Annie Junior” will be presented on the historic Ashmun Street stage from April 24 – April 26 in a run of four performances – with two shows on Sunday.  As a STARS Youth Theatre production, all of the cast members are youth ranging from ages five to seventeen.  To add to this opportunity, some of the roles have been double cast.

We’ll take a walk through a bit of the story of our version of “Annie” so we can introduce our cast to you!

Annie (Iyla Beaulieu and Abbey Bjunes) comforts the littlest orphan Molly (Kamryn Calery and Isabella Stratton) as she wakes up from a bad dream.  Pepper (Morgan Groover and Laila Duvall) tells them to ‘shut up’ as Tessie (Hannah Maurer and Isabelle Guillmette) wails her signature ‘oh my goodness, oh my goodness’ throughout the orphanage.  July (Morgan Brow and Tiffeny Stratton) and Duffy (Avery Benoit and Tyler White-McDowell) join in the action at the orphanage in the wee hours of the night.  Even shy little Kate (Grace Broz and Anna Collins) joins Annie in singing “Maybe” as she shares her continued hopes with Molly and the others that she will soon meet her real parents.

All of the orphans, (Elizabeth Gardner, Alexia Hall-Pine, Ava Jo Povey, Calla Armstrong, Maggie Gazvoda, Jada Hall-Pine, Abigail Kabelman, Mia Woolever, Ava Donmyer, Sabrina Powley, Reese Savoie and Lucia Guevara) now wide awake, join in the fun as they make fun of the evil Miss Hannigan in “It’s a Hard Knock Life.”

We meet Miss Hannigan (Hollyann Beck), as the song is ending and the orphans all scurry back to their beds.  Bundles McCloskey (John Sullivan) arrives on the scene as the laundry man and Annie soon makes her escape.  On the street we meet an apple seller (Carissa Eavou), a dog catcher (Quinn Woolever), Lt. Ward (JP Broz) and Sandy the dog (Calla Armstrong) in the scene that includes that famous song “Tomorrow.”  Even the dog gets in on the singing!

The story goes on as the ‘half a billionaire’ Oliver Warbucks (Eric Donarski) has sent his assistant Grace Ferrell (Gabbie Pepin) to seek an orphan to spend Christmas at his home. All of his servants: Madison Bartol, Trinity Bauer, Lyndsey Johnson, Mason Stierley, Drake (Isaiah Garcia), Cecille (Alyssa Morley), Annette (Hayley Alaspa), Mrs. Greer (Arianna Atkinson), and Mrs. Pugh (Theresa McCready) put on a gracious display as they welcome Annie to the mansion.

Other cast members include Madilyn Schweikert as Lily St. Regis, Trevor Headley as Rooster Hannigan, Riley Eavou as Sound Effects Man, Cody Mayer as President Roosevelt, Gage Komarnizki as Louis Howe and Kody Swanson as Man in Brownstone Window.

Other features will include singing by the lovely Boylan Sisters: Alyssa Morley, Arianna Atkinson, and Madison Bartol. JP Broz will also play radio announcer Bert Healy with his side kick, Quinn Woolever.

Helpers for this production include Chloe Brow, Jasmine Gardner, Jade TenEyk and Riley Eavou. Stage and Musical Direction is by Karen Hughes Beacom and Technical Direction is by Taylor Brugman.

Come see us in April to celebrate Christmas with these fabulous kids in their performance of “Annie Junior” April 24-26. Tickets are available at the Soo Theatre Box Office at 534 Ashmun Street.