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Two Week Musical Theatre Camp #1

2018 Camp:  Willy Wonka Jr.
2018 Camp Dates: June 18-22  Middle & High School
2018 Camp Dates: June 25-29  Elementary Students
Times:  10am-3pm
Performances: Friday, June 29 @ 7pm & Saturday, June 30 @ 2pm

This 2-week musical theatre camp focuses on music, theatre, and dance in addition to technical aspects of theatre from costuming and properties to scenery and set design.  The first week of the camp is for middle (entering 6th grade) and high school students and the second week, they are joined by elementary-aged students. Students in middle or high school who have a conflict the first week could also join the second week.  Students in this camp will learn the following:

  • How to audition
  • Dance Steps frequently used in theatre production
  • Enunciation, Diction, and Projection
  • Staging and Movement
  • Teamwork and Camaraderie

At the end of the 2-week camp, students have 2 opportunities to perform their masterpiece for eager friends and family members.  The performances are of high quality and students feel a great sense of accomplishment in a short time.


Elementary Musical Theatre Camp #2

2018 Camp:  Thwacked
2018 Camp Dates:  July 16-20
Times:  10am-3pm
Performance:  July 20 @ 2pm

This musical theatre camp is for elementary students to take the lead!  This camp is similar to the 2-week camp, but takes place in one week. This camp will focus on music, theatre, and movement, in addition to addressing the basic aspects of putting on a theatrical production.  Campers will take part in costuming and stage properties as well as the following:

  • How to audition
  • Dance Steps frequently used in theatre production
  • Enunciation, Diction, and Projection
  • Staging and Movement
  • Teamwork and Camaraderie

At the end of this camp is a performance highlighting the achievements of the week and the great teamwork that went into staging the production.  

Vocal and Opera Workshop and Vocal Gala

2018 Workshop Dates:  July 23-27
Times:  11am – 4pm
Vocal Gala:  Friday, July 27 @ 7pm

This vocal workshop is designed for students and adults, from college voice majors, pre-career singers and young singers who are working on technique and artistry.  This is a one-week vocal intensive that focuses on vocal technique and performance of songs from musical theatre and opera. Students will participate in daily masterclasses with Karen Hughes Beacom, Artistic Director and Founder of Soo Opera, as well as professional guest artists visiting for the opera. The 2018 primary guest clinician is Dr. Christopher Hollingsworth. Sessions will be taught on technique, diction, and performance and will be applicable to singers of all levels.  Singers will focus on either musical theatre, opera, or a combination of both based on their level and interest. Advanced registration is encouraged so we can assign music for you to prepare prior to the first workshop. The deadline for early enrollment is June 1st. This is not mandatory, but will help the singer to feel more prepared for the first day. Those who register after July 1st will have materials assigned to them the first day of camp. Campers will be coached on previously learned works and will participate in a Vocal Gala on the final evening of camp.  Participants will have opportunities for shadowing an artist, performing secondary roles and chorus and working behind the scenes on the Soo Opera Production. It is strongly encouraged that the workshop participants participate in the opera production that will be August 8, 10, and 12, with a touring performance on Mackinac Island on Monday, August 13.


Elementary Arts Exploration Camp

2018 Camp Dates:  July 30 – August 3
Times:  10am-3pm

This camp varies from year to year, but what never changes is the variety of topics covered!  This camp is designed to let elementary students explore all facets of the arts world. Topics covered on various years include:

  • Introduction to the Piano
  • Boomwhackers and other percussion instruments
  • Introduction to reading music
  • Opera and appreciation for musical art forms
  • Dance and Movement
  • Typically learn a short play to put on for the preschool camp
  • Live Strings Performance and Petting Zoo (of stringed instruments)
  • Art projects, sidewalk chalk, and making props for their play

The camp is an exploration of all forms of art and learning to have an appreciation for them. An informal showcase may take place at the end of the week before the final pick up time.

Preschool Music, Art, & Play Camp

2018 Camp Dates:  July 30 – August 2
Times:  9am-12pm

Preschool Music, Art, and Play camp has often been a favorite in this community.  Preschool students spend the morning making music, creating art, and learning through creative play.  Students will sing, dance, paint, use sidewalk chalk, and play together forming friendships and having fun.  

Chamber Music/Orchestra Camp

2018 Camp Dates:  July 23-27
Times:  4:30-7:30

Calling all strings players!  Play the great string orchestra repertoire and be in a chamber group that learns some great literature while receiving valuable coaching from strings teachers.  Students are placed in a chamber group according to their level of playing ability and work in small groups to polish a piece of music to be performed at the end of the week.  Part of the time will be spent in orchestra rehearsal and part of the time will be spent in chamber music rehearsal. All ages and abilities welcome, this is geared towards adults and students who are comfortable sight reading and enjoy the challenge of putting music together in a small group.  

Beginning Strings Camp

2018 Camp Dates:  July 9-13 & July 16-20
Times:  3:30-4:30pm  Youth (3rd grade & up)
Times:  4:30-5:30pm  Adult (could include High School)

During this 2-week camp, you will learn how to play a stringed instrument.  You can choose from violin, viola, or cello. One camp is designed for youth (ages 9 and older) and one camp is designed for adults (high school students could choose either session).  Students in this camp will learn the following:

  • Posture and the correct way to hold the instrument
  • Plucking the strings
  • Bow Hold
  • Basic Note reading and terms
  • How to produce a beautiful tone

At the end of the two weeks, students typically will have learned severals songs familiar to all:  Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Hot Cross Buns, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Boil Them Cabbages Down. If you’ve ever wanted to try a stringed instrument, this is a great way to do it!  The informal camp setting is fun and exciting. You will need an instrument for this camp. There are several options (including local options) for instrument rental. Call the office for rental information.

Youth Orchestra Camp

2018 Camp Dates:  July 30- August 3
Times:  12-4pm

This orchestra camp is our youth orchestra camp geared towards serving students in our area who love to play in a group.  Literature will include some of the great repertoire for string orchestra, as well as some newer composers or works. Students will work on tone, intonation, music theory, rhythm, play musical games, and have fun working together to learn several pieces to be performed at Downtown Days on August 4th.  


New in 2018:  Tuition for all camps includes the cost of you summer camp t-shirt!

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